Quick Tips on Vacuum Maintenance

Change the powerhead belt every six months

The belts are rubber and stretch with use. Once they stretch, the belts slip on the roller and the roller slows down. Slower roller means less dirt picked up.

Clean roller bar in powerhead

Clean off the hair and threads that clog the brushes on the roller. This will prevent damage to the roller; particularly the bearing ends, and allows the brushes to penetrate your carpet better, getting your carpet cleaner. This should be done at least three times per year.

Change the paper bag more often

The simplest and most effective way of making your machine perform better is the one most often overlooked. No machine works well when it's clogged up. Airflow is needed to both cool the motor and pick up dirt. By the time the bag is half full most machines have almost no airflow left. DO NOT try to save money by stretching the bags use out. Throw it away. In the long run the least expensive thing you will use in your machine is the bags. Change them once a month and your machine will clean MUCH better and the motor will last MUCH longer.

Use height adjustments properly

On machines with carpet height adjustments, the proper way to set the height is to have the machine running, then start at the highest setting and lower the head one notch at a time until the machine starts to "walk" away on its own. This is the proper height for your machine on that carpet.

Have your machine serviced regularly

Your vacuum is like your car, a little preventative maintenance goes a long way. Regular servicing of your vacuum will save you money by catching small problems before they become major, and helping you do a better job of cleaning. Canister vacuums should be overhauled every four to six years, depending on use Canister powerheads and upright vacuums should be overhauled every two to three years. Powerheads and uprights are more prone to breakdown, so they should be looked at more often.

Avoid carpet freshening products

These products are very small particles, and like clay, dust, or drywall dust, they will clog the bag of a vacuum VERY quickly, causing massive suction loss and overheating of the motor, which causes excessive wear. Instead of carpet freshening powders, try liquid exhaust filter scents to deodorize.

Change filters more often

Machines equipped with electrostatic or hepa filters need to have the filters changed at least once a year, more often if operated in very dusty environments. These filters greatly reduce airflow even when they are new and clean, when dirty they can almost completely plug the machine up, making it run VERY hot and unable to clean.

Talk to your vacuum technician

If you think your machine is not working right, or if you hear it making noises it never used to make, give your friendly vacuum technician a call. We are happy to hear from you, and can often diagnose the problem over the phone. This can save you time and money, catching serious problems early, and allowing you to correct minor problems yourself, at home.

Do not try to unclog your hose

If your hose clogs up, CALL us BEFORE you try to unplug it. One of the most unnecessary repairs we do is to replace hoses damaged by customers trying to clear it with a coat hanger or broom handle. If you call us we will tell you how to try to unclog your hose, and if it can't be cleared at home, bring it to us and we will unclog it for you, most of the time at no charge.

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